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Women who are empathetic and committed to solidarity and support from women …

“The ultimate source of a happy life is warm-heartedness. This means extending to others the kind of concern we have for ourselves.

On a simple level we find that if we have a compassionate heart, we naturally have more friends.”

(Dalai Lama)


Club members

We live friendship, solidarity, empathy and tolerance.

It is important to us that no woman is excluded for economic reasons. We want sustainable and long-term connections. Red ladies are sympathetic and emphatic women. Young or felt 30, clever and experienced, wise and mature, good-natured and great, smart and funny, maternal and warm, talented and creative, interesting and original, special and special, cool and funny, authentic and natural, charismatic and – gladly both , or everything – these are the real “Red Ladies”!

Madeleine Albright says:

“There is a special place in hell for women, who don’t support other women.”

We believe:

“There is a special place in heaven for women, who support other women.”


Michaela Mumm-von Oldenburg

I believe in female solidarity and that women can change the world. It is time for women to connect across borders, define female values and goals. Over half of the people are female. For millennia, values and goals were defined and implemented without a female element or corrective. It is time for peace, harmony, balance, humanity and communication, for a world that is more feminine. Defining and creating these is a matter for women – and for all women to be involved. We are all part of making this sentence come true:

When women support each other,

incredible things happen…

Portrait Michaela Mumm von Oldenburg

We are committed to solidarity, support, empathy, tolerance and mutual respect. We live “zero discrimination”, equality, diversity, sisterliness and political neutrality.

We’re better together!
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The basis of the club is friendship and affection. Networking is selfishly motivated because it is about “useful” contacts, friendship is more. In networking, people are addressed as economic entities of the competitive society, but never for their own sake. We are concerned with human and friendly relationships in a community based on solidarity among women.

Networking is one and done: It’s where you shake someone’s hand and give them a business card.

Connection building isn’t one and done…



The club is not political, non-partisan and not religious or denominational. It is a platform for women, offers events, events and educational events. There are mentor programs and advanced training courses on topics relevant to the future.
1. Red Ladies summer party


Solidarity means for us: we stand for each other and support each other. No competition, no competition! Instead: “One for all, all for one …!


Support is more than support, namely active engagement. We are not only helpful, we help actively.


Empathy does not only mean “compassion” or “compassion”, we put ourselves in the place of the other.

Tolerance and respect

We do not tolerate or accept, we respect each other! Women are very individual …
That is what makes us special!

Zero discrimination

Religion, nationality, skin color, ethnicity, income, status, title, social position are irrelevant.


We are different and still all the same – as before the law. We are all princesses, there is no queen.


Entrepreneurs, housewives, mothers, atheists, Christians, Muslims, dark or light-skinned – we love variety and color – we are colorful …


Friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts – we share the same problems, the same issues and the realization that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link …


Our connection is neutral, it knows no political maxims or political goals, our values are human rights.



It’s less about “networking” than friendships. This can be prescribed and demanded as a maxim – because the best philosophy is love or affection – not philosophy – because it changes people. Philosophy and religion proclaim the “right thing” but do not live it. It remains theory or doctrine.

Education and knowledge “fizzle out” when it serves to strengthen ego. At best, education conveys the knowledge of knowing little … Wisdom, on the other hand, leads to humility, never to arrogance. Our concern is humility towards other people, mutual “value” appreciation instead of – because of supposed superiority – to be above others …



We are interested in the future and its meaningful design.

We know that the approaches and goals of humanity must change if we want to create a better future for everyone, especially the weak or needy people, who in all societies are predominantly women.

We are confident that women in particular can achieve positive change through new, creative and innovative approaches.

The focus is on people, their development, their mental and mental health and the preservation of an environment worth living in in a variety of ways.

With lectures, position theses and at our meetings we give impulses and try to implement insights.

We analyze social grievances, see them in a global context and try to achieve positive developments.

This includes comprehensive social and critical education for responsible people who do not “function” as uncritical knowledge stores.



Together we want to create a fairer and better world. Women in particular are the “sufferers” of all conflicts, whether in the family or in society, economically or emotionally.
We want to strengthen and consolidate the position of women. We want economic equality worldwide. We strive for independence and “gender justice”. Equal rights and independence of women should be guaranteed worldwide.
Women who are in management positions and who bear responsibility help and promote women. Women become mentors for women.
The club is committed to implementing fairness and justice for women and preventing and resolving gender inequality.

The club participates in the implementation of humanistic and ethical values through various measures and is committed to the implementation of human rights.



We are powerful. We can change the world. We are more than half of mankind.

Women are the most powerful group in the world.
No party, no religious group, no ethnic group and no people consists of a larger group.
To use this power and strength, we need a global association with common goals.
To achieve these goals, we have a commission that helps formulate and implement these goals.
Contributors and interested parties are welcome!

Discussion Commission

Women discuss the world as it is and how it could be.
A future plan worth living for all people from a different perspective.
What is useful for mankind? What are desirable values?

Strategic planning

How can you implement good ideas and concepts?
What and who helps make a utopia or vision a reality? Who do you involve, how do you make yourself heard and which strategy is helpful? Can old approaches still exist in the future and how do you convince?

Implementation Committee

The best goals and plans need to be implemented. This is the task of the implementation committee. It consists of different groups of women who are actively involved in the implementation. Awareness of strength and use of majorities.

Events – meetings – resonance


for women who are oriented towards the needs of women. We don’t just network, we meet on a human level:

We become friends!

Girlfriends are very welcome! Age, profession, religion, origin or social position are irrelevant. Colorfulness and diversity enrich our meetings and events.


are so important – and no, we are not superficial!

We enjoy and get involved!

This is not a contradiction, it complements each other.

The pursuit of happiness is genetic. Becoming happy is a basic need and as elementary as eating or sleeping.

What makes you happy, what is important in life and what gives meaning to our life?

It’s our relationships with people!


produce. Resonance is the resonance of one body with another.

People “swing” about shared experiences. Advertising and the principle of growth are based on the fact that our existential request for resonance, that is, our relationship request, is translated into an “object request”.

Happiness arises through social / emotional resonance.

We buy goods and hope for a response. But resonance does not work between people and goods, but only from person to person.




Premium trips with up to 5 women
Luxury travel with up to 10 women
Exclusive events e.g. Monaco Formula One

Art events / Exhbitions

Exclusive art events in a small group with personal contact to the artist and special conditions!


“Dinner + meetup” – interesting personalities report on a topic.
“Just Dinner” – laugh & talk!
“Meet, drink – no eat” – just talk!

Music events / concerts / theater / opera

Meet before listen …classical music, theater or opera – too good not to talk about it afterwards…
The pleasure continues…

New media / tech education & information

PC information, assistance, infoNetwork
iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac how something works together
Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, storytelling, pictures …


Dance with friends, just for fun
Oktoberfest in Munich
Oktoberfest in Berlin
Oktoberfest in Monaco

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